Kemper Fluid Writer Pen

The Kemper Pen, also known as the Kemper Fluid Writer Pen, is a fantastic tool for signing artwork or adding tiny details to your fused glass. They come in two different sizes. The large size makes a line that is similar to using an extra-fine Sharpie; while the small size is relatively fine, similar to a crow-quill pen. They can be purchased on the internet or at a ceramic supply store.

Unlike a normal pen used for writing, this tool is comprised of a cup to hold the fluid and a small hollow tube protruding from the bottom of the cup. The smaller pen has a fine line steel tip with an opening of approximately 1/64 inch diameter, while the larger one has a wide line steel tip with and opening of approximately 1/32 inch diameter.

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It can be used with paints, inks, or any medium that will flow through the tiny tube opening. Thin the medium to a watery consistency and fill the cup using a brush tip or toothpick. Hold it like a pen and then just draw or write evenly over the surface of the glass.

Be sure to clean the pen after each usage. Keep the tiny tip clean from any debris. It comes with an enclosed cleaning plunger that can be replaced on line if lost or bent. If cared for properly this tool can last for a very long time.

They do take a little bit of practice to get the hang of using them. Try practicing with water at first to get the technique down before filling the tube with paint or ink.

Once filled, the pen can be placed on its side. Tip it upside down even and the fluid won’t come out. Fluid will only come out of the tip if it is placed to a surface.


  • Dip brush tip or toothpick in desired medium.
  • The medium will cling to the surface of the brush tip or toothpick.
  • Touch the tip or toothpick to the inside of the pen’s well and the fluid will now transfer to the pen.
  • Repeat the process three or four times until the cup is full.
  • Contact the nib of the pen to the glass and the medium will flow out.
  • Once finished drawing, clean the pen.
  • Recap and store the pen.
  • Clean the writer pen:

    There is a product called “cleaning essence” that can be used for cleaning the pen. Some individuals prefer to use mineral spirits, 91% isopropyl alcohol, acetone or laquer thinner to clean the pen.

  • Fill the well of the pen.
  • Turn it over and tap it on the rim of the bottle to drain it.
  • Repeat this process a couple of times to clean out the well.

  • Use a q-tip to remove any remaining material.
  • Draw the tip of the pen across a paper towel until no more liquid comes out of the pen.
  • Use the enclosed pin to clear the tip completely.

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