Wire Wrapping

Although there a quite a few articles on the internet about wire wrapping, this page will only cover a simple wrapping technique. I took a class on wrapping wire about 20 years ago at an Adult School.

We learned from a paper manual titled “Wire Craft Magic” by Sandy Moore. The class and book covered many different and interesting wrapping techniques from making rings to wrapping a cabochon.

Wire wrapped jewelry takes some time and patience to achieve pleasing results. Don’t get frustrated with your attempts. The nice thing about wire is you can straighten it out and try again. Purchase some practice wire for your first few attempts. Later you can purchase some gold filled or sterling silver 22 gauge square wire.

wire wrapping, cabochon, wire wrapped jewelry


  • Fused cabochon
  • 21 to 22 gauge square wire
  • Basic wire wrapping tools
  • Tape

  • wire wrapping, cabochon, wire wrapped jewelry

    wire wrapping, cabochon, wire wrapped jewelry


    As you read the directions below, glance at the picture above and to the right for a visual of the various steps. They are drawn in coordination with the written instructions.

    1, Cut three pieces of wire the measurement around the outside of your glass plus about four inches. This will give you about two inches to work with on each side of your wrapped piece.

    2. Cut four more pieces of wire about three inches in length.

    3. Tape the pieces of long wires near the loose ends to hold them in place.

    4. Wrap the tapped bundle with the three inch pieces. One wrap should be in the center of the bundle and the other two just a little bit away from the center.

    5. Place your fused piece so that the center wrapping is at the bottom of your piece.

    6. Bend up the edges of the wire so that they are encasing your glass.

    7. Once they reach the top, overlap them and bend where they have overlapped. The wire should now wrap around your glass and the extra wire should be standing straight above the glass.

    8. Tape the wires together and twist a few turns to secure them around the glass.

    9. Remove glass cabochon.

    10. Use the extended wires to make the pendant loops.

    11. Once looped, the ends of the loops should be wrapped around two or three wraps then cut and file the ends. Or you can twist them inward towards the piece.

    12. Place fused piece back into the wire pattern.

    13. Pull one wire away from the bundle at the top side of your piece.

    14. Crimp it around the glass to hold the piece in place.

    15. Do this on all four front edges and also on all four back edges.

    wire wrapping, cabochon, wire wrapped jewelry

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