Wire Wrapping Tools

Wire wrapping tools are essential if you have a desire to wrap a finished fused cabochon. Wire wrapping supplies are used to twist, smooth, flatten and grab the wire.

When first attempting to do some wire wrapping, practice with some inexpensive practice wire first. This will afford you the opportunity to throw away the first few projects if they don’t come out to your liking. Once you have your technique down, you can purchase more expensive wire that will last and enhance your fused cabochon.

This page will list a basic tool supply needed to accomplish any type of wire wrapping.

wire wrapping tools, wire wrapping supplies

Basic Tools:

  • Flush cut wire cutters - Used to cut wire before, during and finishing a project.
  • Marker - Can be used to mark wire, tape or any necessary item during the process.
  • Masking tape or florist tape – Either one of these come in for taping wires together to keep them stable during wrapping.
  • Pin vise – This tiny device is fantastic for making even twists in wire. Used in conjunction with flat nosed pliers.
  • Ruler and measuring tape – Depending on the type of object to be measured use the desired tool.
  • Small file – Once the wire is cut a small file will smooth out any rough edges.
  • Smooth jaw chain nose pliers – These are used for gripping the wire and are also used to tuck in ends that have been cut with wire cutters.
  • Smooth jaw flat nose pliers – These assist in making bends and turns in the wire.
  • Smooth jaw round nose pliers – Used to make loops in the wire.
  • Wire – It is suggested to start with some practice 21 to 22 gauge square wire. Final projects can be made with 20-22 gauge sterling silver or gold filled wire.

  • wire wrapping tools, wire wrapping supplies

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