Wire Wrapped Bail

A wire wrapped bail can be accomplished with just a few wire wrapping supplies. These wire bails can be very simplistic or more elaborate to enhance and create a wire wrapped jewelry piece.

Wire wrap the pendant completely and include a bail in the design, or just use wire to make a bail for your piece.

For more information on completely wire wrapping a pendant, click here .

There are a lot of very good books and magazines published that have projects and tips for a number of jewelry making techniques.

Do a search on the internet to see a variety of techniques and unique wrapping designs.

As you experiment and practice the different techniques, find one that suits your particular pendant, or use different methods on different pieces.

Simple and Easy Wire Wrapped Bail


  • Fused Pendant
  • Dremel Drill
  • Diamond core bit
  • Clean Container
  • Water
  • Styrofoam
  • Wire
  • Crochet hook/dowel
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Chain Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire

  • Directions:

    Place the Styrofoam inside a shallow container.

    Put fused pendant on Styrofoam and add enough water to just cover the piece.

    Using the dremel and diamond core bit drill a hole in the pendant. For more information on drilling a hole, click here .

    Once the hole is drilled remove fused piece and dry.Cut length of wire.

    Wrap wire around crochet hook or small dowel a couple of times and insert ends through pendant.

    Using pliers, twist ends of wire into a spiral securing pendant.

    Add beads to the wiring to add even more interest and dimension to the piece.

    Beads can add something simple and elegant to the masterpiece.

    Keep them minimal so that they do not over shadow the pendant but just enhance the basic wrap.

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