Red Hot Valentines Day Pins

Romance is in the air with these Red Hot Valentines Day pins.

There are tons of ideas for designs you can make for Valentine’s Day pins.

Of course there is the simple traditional heart design, but I am going to give you a couple of other ideas for some pins.

As with all the other designs, these can be also made into designs to adorn a plate, platter, tile, etc.

Make patterns from coloring books, or search the internet for some simple ideas.

Make your search specific for Valentine’s Day.

You can free hand design your images.

Print these on card stock or plastic for permanent patterns that can be reused over and over again.

Once you have made these designs, use them to make pins, pendants, or fused glass projects.

To turn them into pins, attach a pin back.

If making pendants, attach a pendant bail.

Or they can be fused into another piece.

Each page includes directions and a pattern to make the piece.

They can be copied and printed on card stock.

Once printed, trace the design on some glass and cut them out using a glass saw.

For individuals that don’t have a glass saw, try purchasing some precut forms .

They come in numerous shapes and sizes.

Here are the fused glass Valentine patterns that will be included in this section:

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  • Angel Heart
  • Arrow Through Heart
  • Bent Heart
  • Broken Heart
  • Butterfly Heart
  • Cupid
  • Chocolate Dripping Heart
  • Dangling Valentine Hearts
  • Frit of Love
  • I Love You Handshape
  • Kissing Lips
  • Kitty Love
  • Laced Heart
  • Layered Valentine Hearts
  • Linked Hearts
  • Love Hearts
  • Open Valentine Heart
  • Patchwork Heart
  • Puzzle Piece
  • Red Dress
  • Romantic Love
  • Simple Heart
  • Tuxedo
  • Two Hearts
  • Winged Heart

  • These can be used individually in your pieces, or mix and match them.

    Make unique one of a kind designed plates or platters.

    Decide what you want to make, design the pattern, purchase some glass and begin your creative process.

    As all the Valentines Day gift ideas are completed, they will be listed as a link to each individual page where you will find the directions and patterns.

    Check back often to see updates on this page for more fused glass valentine ideas.

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