Unpainted Ceramic Bisque

Unpainted ceramic bisque is also referred to as bisqueware. Ceramic bisque is ceramic that has been prepared and is ready to paint. It is clay that has been poured into greenware, cleaned and fired.

These pieces can sometimes be used as a ceramic mold for glass fusing. This all depends on the piece. If there are areas where the glass could get lodged and stuck then it would not be suitable for fusing purposes.

There are a lot of molds on the market, but your choice widens when you consider using bisqueware. Plus the price for bisque is a lot cheaper than molds made specifically for glass fusing.

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If you are planning on using frit to fill the mold then there is not much preparation needed. Simply coat the piece with several coats of kiln wash and allow it to dry completely before firing.

If however you want to use the mold to slump glass into, then you will need to do a little more work before it can be used for this purpose. The mold will need to have holes drilled into the bottom so that any trapped air can escape during the process.

Normally there are around two to three holes that will need to be drilled through the piece. Take a look at the piece and determine where air might get trapped and drill a hole in that area. The piece will also need to be coated with a couple of layers of kiln wash before firing. Make sure that the holes you previously drilled are not closed with kiln wash. If they have gotten clogged, simply use a pin or toothpick to open the hole back up again. Support the mold with a few kiln posts to allow air to circulate around the mold when firing.

If you would like to see this piece as it is used as a mold, check out the page titled Pizza Plate.

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