Under Water Photographing

I have read that you can actually use under water photographing to eliminate the reflections. So, I took my shallow tray, a piece of dichroic glass and some water outside to attempt this method.

Here are my results. I was really amazed at the details and colors of my piece. It is so hard to see the brilliance of dichroic glass when photographing a piece.

You might want to try this method to obtain the details that you just can't achieve with any other light box.


  • Shallow tray

  • Water

  • Lights

    Use a shallow tray and be sure that your piece is completely submerged in water. Allow the piece to sit for a minute so that any air bubbles can come to the surface.

    As you can see in my photo, I have a tiny air bubble. Ooops! I actually took my photo outside in natural light. It was placed in a bowl with just enough water to cover the fused glass. By just covering your piece with water, you will help eliminate any distortion.

    dichroic art glass jewelry

    Place lights on both sides of the shallow tray and make sure they are not casting a reflection on the water surface. If there is a reflection, try moving your lights around.

    This method is especially great for objects that might be round, like beads. They have a tendency to get white spots from lights on the surface, and therefore eliminating the details in the bead.

    Some people claim that photographing your pieces under water distorts the colors and sometimes the object. I think it helps to eliminate the glare that can be caused by lights, and allows the natural colors to shine through.

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