Two Part Epoxy

I prefer to use a two part epoxy to attach my jewelry findings.

When purchasing, be sure to read the instructions on the adhesive and note the set up time.

You want one that will give you a little time before it sets up on your piece in case you need to move things around during the gluing process.

Since the mixture comes out of both sides of the tube, you don’t have a problem with mixing the right amount.

Simply twist off the tips on the tubes.

Dispense the amount you need for your particular project.

Apply even pressure to the plungers so that it evenly flows.

Use a popsicle stick or some other disposable object to stir the two mixtures together.

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This product sets up pretty quickly, so you will need to have your pieces and findings ready to go before you start mixing.

I usually mix this on a freezer paper background or a Styrofoam plate.

I find that the adhesive mixes well on this surface and the clean-up is a breeze.

Use a toothpick to apply the epoxy to your glass piece and then just attach your bail or other finding.

Press the finding into place.

Clean up any glue that might have dripped on other parts of your glass.

Clean up can be achieved using a scrubby and a little soap and water.

Check it periodically to be sure that it has not slid or moved out of place.

When the adhesive has set up, your piece is finished.

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