Turkey Head

The turkey head has a curious looking bald head with a yellow beak and red wattle. He is all dressed for Thanksgiving as an Indian with a feather in his cap. He has beady dot eyes and a smile on his face.

Did you know that the turkey’s head will actually change color when they become excited? And that the male turkey has a larger wattle? So if you want to make your turkey look excited just make his head another color and the wattle large if your turkey is male.

turkey head, beak, wattle, thanksgiving


  • Pattern
  • Brown head glass
  • Yellow beak glass
  • Red wattle glass
  • Hat band glass
  • Feather glass
  • Dot eyes
  • Stringer decorating glass
  • Glassline paint
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Chap Stick or Beeswax
  • Glass saw
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions:

    1. Draw and using scissors cut the outline.

    2. Situate the sections on the fitting color glass and trace close to the outline with a permanent marker. Liberally envelop the markings with beeswax or Chap Stick.

    3. A glass saw is required to cut out the shape. Cut close to the outline to preserve the shape and all the tiny particulars.

    4. Cleanse with soap and dip in clear water or employ glass cleaner to delete all design and residue. Air dry the objects.

    5. Use Glassline paint to add the smile on his beak. Allow the paint to dry before firing the piece inside the kiln.

    6. Place the sections on a primed kiln shelf and pose the shelf within the unit. Be sure to grip the glass by the border to avert fingerprints.

    7. Close the top or door. Switch on the unit.

    8. Observe the job at roughly 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever looking at your fused glass put on glasses with IR and UV protection.

    9. When the glass has your wanted appearance, turn off and unplug the kiln. If the unit is made with thick fire bricks, you can let it cool down on its own. If however it is built with ceramic fiber, the kiln must be left on and observed so that it doesn’t cool down any more than approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    10. As soon as the pyrometer drops underneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the kiln may be opened.

    11. When the piece has cooled down to room temperature, add a brooch back. Stick on the brooch back with a two part epoxy.

    Turkey Head Pattern

    turkey head, beak, wattle, thanksgiving

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