Textured Design in Glass

A textured design can be added to a fused glass piece in a few different manners.

These are very simple methods for achieving textured glass.

When finished you will have a piece that is not only professional looking, but others will wonder how you accomplished this fused art glass design.

This glass imprinting will put a consistent pattern on a fused piece of glass.

These processes can be done on any fused project to add depth and dimension to a project.

Once the design is accomplished, the piece can then be slumped into a mold form to shape the piece.

As long as the glass is not brought up to a full fuse, the pattern and design should stay in the glass.

Here are a couple of methods for achieving a textured design in glass.

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Texture Pad – This method involves the use of a textured pad to change the surface of the glass. These pads come in a wide variety of designs. These pads can be purchased on line, or locate a dealer near you.

Glass Embossing – Using an embossing handle and your choice of embossing stamp, design unique pieces of fused glass artwork. This method does require that you work inside the smoldering kiln for the process. Not suggested for the faint at heart.

Kiln Carving – Simple and elegantly sweet this method can be done in any size kiln, and doesn’t require you to be an expert in glass fusing. It also doesn’t require any expensive equipment or materials to accomplish.

These are just a few of the ways you can add some texture to glass. Use them to create depth and dimension to any of your fused glass projects.

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