Texture Pad

These Earthenware Texture Pad molds come in a wide variety of textures.

These tiles are about 6” x 6” in size and cost around $17.00.

To order these pads check out Creative Paradise, Inc .

It is suggested that you follow the manufacturer’s written instructions to treat the tile with a suitable glass release.

To achieve the maximum texture on glass fuse the glass piece to a full fuse on the selected tile.

A suggested glass for this project is Iridized glass.

Fuse the Iridized side down on the prepared textured pad.

Heat the kiln at about 400 degrees per hour, and hold at about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes.

Continue heating and hold at 1470 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15-17 minutes.

Be sure to anneal the piece for one hour at 960 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once fused to a full fuse and cooled to room temperature, the piece can then be slumped into another mold.

The texture will only slightly diminish during the slumping process. Place the texture side up and not down facing the mold.

Heat the piece at about 500 degrees per hour until the kiln reads about 1280 degrees Fahrenheit and hold at this temperature for about 15 minutes.

Cool the kiln down slowly to 960 degrees Fahrenheit and hold at that temperature for about an hour.

Then allow the piece to gradually cool to room temperature.

Some of these textures are:

  • Geo Grid – This grid design consists of three lines going horizontally and then the next three lines are vertical to make a full pattern.
  • Harlequin – This pad has oblong shaped diamonds covering this mold.
  • Hot Patterns – This pad has swirls, triangles and straight lines. It filled with a variety of designs.
  • Mosaic – The mosaic pad is irregular bumps and grooves that give the appearance of a mosaic piece.
  • Rose – Subtle roses grace the surface of this pad.
  • Tooled Leather – Give your glass the look of tooled leather.
  • Wave – Squiggly wavy lines grace the top of this square pad.
  • These pads can be purchased on line or through one of their many distributors.

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