Surf Board

This surf board design should be added to your list of fantastic male gift ideas. It is a basic pattern that can be designed and embellished with stringers, frit, Glassline paints and any other items that coincide with your particular glass COE.

Use some Glassline paints to write a name on the board. Bend and shape stringers to a specific pattern, or design it to resemble a favorite board. To finish off this paddle surfboard, drill a hole in the top to add a jump ring or rope necklace, or glue on a bail. Turn your piece into one of his favorite funboards.

surf board, male gift ideas, paddle surfboard, funboards


  • Pattern
  • Surf board glass
  • Decorating elements
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Chap Stick or Beeswax
  • Glass saw
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions:

    1. Copy the pattern on card stock.

    2. Using a set of clippers, cut the pattern.

    3. Put the parts on the proper glass colorful.

    4. Sketch about the design with a permanent marker.

    5. Liberally cover up the drawing with bees wax or chap stick.

    6. Put the sketched glass on a Taurus and cut around the pattern. Cut along the sketching so that the design is accurate.

    7. Put the recently cut items in a container of clean water whilst cutting any other glass. This feat will make clean up easier.

    8. Cleanse each article with detergent, a scratch pad and a little water.

    9. Dry all of the pieces utilizing a lint free towel.

    10. Ornament as preferred.

    11. Whilst grasping each of the pieces by the perimeter, assemble the items on a ready kiln ledge.

    12. Pose the kiln shelf inside the kiln.

    13. Shut the lid or door and start the oven.

    14. Sporting eye wear with IR and UV shield, examine the piece at approximately 1325 degrees Fahrenheit.

    15. Once the glass has the desired look, bring the piece downward to the proper annealing temperature and keep at that temperature.

    16. Shut down the kiln.

    17. Allow the glass to cool down on its own.

    18. Once the temperature goes down underneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit may be opened.

    19. Glue on a pin back or fire the item into another endeavor.

    Surf Board Pattern

    surf board, male gift ideas, paddle surfboard, funboards

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