Glass Fusing Materials Supplier

Looking for just the right supplier for all your glass fusing needs?

Dick Blick is noted for their fantastic art and craft supplies.

You might think of them as a painting source, but believe it or not, they have super prices and a wide variety of fusing products.

Blick Art Materials has served artists with discount art supplies since 1911.

They are well known for their enormous selection, dependable savings and fine customer service on thousands of in-stock art supplies.

When purchasing supplies or looking for glass sources for fusing, you want the best prices, quality merchandise and fantastic service.

Dick Blick offers all of these desires.

Why not check them out and see what supplies you can purchase for your fusing needs.

This is a list of just some of their products.

When searching their site, place your inquiry in the box located at the upper left hand corner of their site.

I have tried to find most of their fusing products to list here.

They will be listed under categories and alphabetically for easy in finding your desired item.

Amaco Glass - Glass Pieces and Glass Globs

  • Amaco Glass Casting Kit
  • Amaco Glass Casting Mix
  • Amaco Casting Glass Billet Chunks
  • Amaco Casting Glass Tiles
  • Amaco Diamond-Coated Glass Drill Bit
  • Amaco Diamond Pad
  • Amaco Drape Molds
  • Amaco Diamond-Tipped Glass Engraver
  • Amaco Glass Globs
  • Amaco Glass Noodles
  • Amaco Glass Stringers
  • Amaco Glass Sheets
  • Amaco Warm Glass Jewelry Kit
  • Kilns - Kiln Cleaning, Maintenance and Parts

  • Amaco Excel Glass Kiln
  • Amaco High-Fire Top-Loading Electric Kilns
  • Amaco Metal Enameling Kiln, Model MK-R
  • L Easy Fire Kilns
  • Paragon Quikfire 6 Kiln
  • Paragon Touch-N-Fire Kilns
  • Skutt 1414 Glassmaster Kiln
  • Skutt Ceramic Kilns KS Series
  • Skutt Envirovent Kiln Ventilation System
  • Skutt FireBox 8 Kiln
  • Skutt Glassmaster Kilns
  • Skutt Individual Shelves
  • Skutt Kiln Furniture Kits
  • Skutt KilnMaster Easy View Upgrade
  • Skutt KM 1627 Kilnmaster Production Kiln
  • Skutt KM Series Kilnmaster Automatic Kilns
  • Skutt KM-1 Wall Mount Controller
  • Skutt KS Series Energy Saver Kilns
  • Skutt Lid Lifter Upgrade Kit
  • Skutt Peephole Plugs
  • Skutt Pyrometer
  • Skutt Replacement Elements

  • Miscellaneous Art Glass Supplies

  • Art Clay Accent gold for silver
  • Bick Safety Gloves
  • Copper Foil
  • Dixon Redisharp Plus Permanent Marker
  • Duco Cement
  • Elmer’s China and Glass Cement
  • Fletcher Designer II Glass Cutter
  • Glass Cloth Blend Gloves
  • Glass Cutters and Grinders
  • Logan Simples Glass Cutter
  • Glass Fusing Class Kits
  • Glues for Glass
  • Glass Painting with Pebeo
  • Gold and Metallic Leaf
  • Handmade Glass Mullers
  • Krazy Glue Gel
  • Optivisor
  • Pebeo Bitrea 160 Paint Markers
  • Pebeo Painting Sets
  • Pebeo Vitrail
  • Pebeo Vitrea 160
  • Pebeo Vitrea 150
  • Power Max II Glass Grinder
  • Professional Tile Nipper
  • Rubber Cement Dispensers
  • Scorer/Breaker
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner Wipes
  • Studio Pro Glass Cutter
  • Sennelier Glass Muller
  • Studio Pro Running Pliers
  • Thompson Lead-Free Enamels
  • Vent-A-Kiln System
  • Wheeled Glass Nipper
  • Wraparound Safety Glasses

  • These are just a sampling of all the numerous art glass supplies you can find at Dick Blick.

    Search the site for any items that might be missing on this list, and please contact me if there are other items that need to be added to this page.

    Dick Blick is a fantastic art glass supplier for purchasing all those fusing items.

    Being able to purchase all of your items at one central place will really save on shipping costs.

    Check out Dick Blick to make your glass fusing experience more enjoyable.

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