Glass Stringers

Glass stringers make great decorating additions to your fused glass. They are approximately 1 mm thick.

They can be used just as they come, or can be bent and shaped.

If using in their original long shape, they can be cut to any size and used for decorating purposes.

You can use them to add a line, do a grid pattern, or just accent your piece.

Because of their cylinder shape, they often shift around on your glass.

To avoid them from moving out of place, you can add a little glue.

These thin spaghetti pieces of glass can be dipped into glass glue and then placed onto your glass, or placed on the glass and the glue can be applied with a toothpick.

Allow the glue to dry before you fuse your piece in the kiln.

bending stringers

You can also bend these pieces.

This can be done using a candle, torch or in the kiln .

If you are not familiar with using a gas torch, then I would definitely suggest using a candle.

It is quicker and very simple to accomplish.

Purchase a mini butane torch, for around $25.

To use, turn on your torch on the low setting and aim the flame at the spot on the stringer where you want it to bend.

Be sure that your work area is fire proof, and use a torch holder.

The point like flame and the ease of holding the torch makes this process a breeze.

You are able to control where and how much of a bend you want to accomplish.

Candles can also be used on these thin pieces of glass.

Light a candle and hold your piece over the flame.

After just a few seconds, you will see the rod glass begin to soften and bend.

You can use pliers to help you hold, or maneuver the piece.

Too much heat and your glass rod will become distorted, while too little heat and you won’t see it bend at all.

It takes a little practice to learn when to bend the pieces.

Watch this informative YouTube video for a visual of this procedure.

Once you have your bent glass rod, you can use it to decorate your glass pieces.

If you notice that there is any black soot on the piece of glass, don’t worry about it.

It will burn off in the kiln.

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