Slumping Stringer Projects

Stringer projects can be extremely creative to design. These thin pieces of glass can be used for decorating a piece or even writing on glass. They come in such an assortment of colors, which makes them resourceful.

Stringers are purchased in a tube that contains either one solid color, or a variety of colors. These tubes run around $20 each and can be purchased online or at your local glass store. Be sure to use the same COE as the rest of your glass on your projects. It only takes a few to produce the picture below.

stringer projects, slumping stringers, stringer slumping

Most of the time, these pieces are used either straight from the tube, or bent by using a torch, blow dryer, or candle. There is nothing wrong with these methods, but if you desire consistent shapes and bends then consider slumping stringers using another method.

stringer projects, slumping stringers, stringer slumping

Try maneuvering these pieces by slumping them over other objects. These other items can include molds, fiber board, etc. Be sure that these items are kiln washed, or use fiber paper to protect the item.

Stringer slumping is quick and really quite simple to accomplish. You will find yourself looking at all the molds differently once you decide to use them for stringer projects. Anything you can heat in the kiln can be used to produce unusual bends and shapes out of these pieces. They can be bent into a shape or even over the back of a form.

stringer projects, slumping stringers, stringer slumping Since stringers are thin, they slump quickly. Once the mold has been prepared, just place broken pieces of stringers on the top of the shape and place them inside the kiln. These pieces can be ramped up quickly. Once they have reached the desired shape, just turn off the kiln and allow them to reach room temperature. Clean the pieces carefully, being careful to remove any left over kiln wash or kiln paper. Use them to decorate another solid piece of glass.

The pieces can be glued in place on the solid piece to avoid them shifting during the fusing stage. Fuse the piece to a tack fuse or full fuse. Allow the piece to come to room temperature before proceeding. Once fused, the piece can be now slumped into a mold shape if desired.

You will really enjoy the creative way these slumped stringers can be used to decorate an item. Try placing them in different angles to achieve unique artistic stringer projects.

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