Stained Glass Fusing Revealed

" Stained Glass and Fusing, what a creative combination."

Stained Glass fusing is the method of fusing glass pieces together, and then using these pieces in a stained glass project. These pieces can add amazing texture and detail to your stained glass. Now you will have a detailed piece of fused glass art. This procedure can be used to enhance stained glass windows, stained glass tiles, or stained glass doors.

In this process, instead of fitting tiny pieces of glass together with lead or foil, you can fuse the details into your glass before putting your pieces into your stained glass project.

stained glass fusing

When a piece calls for details, say in a face, you can add the details by fusing the glass together, and then adding this fused glass to a stained glass piece. You could for example, fuse a black pupil on top of a white eye base. This can really add detail and dimension to your stained glass.

The pieces of glass are laid on top of each other and fired from 1100 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the look you want to achieve. Refer to the fusing and slumping page for more information. Always make sure that you are using the pieces of glass have the same COE, or you will damage your project.

stained glass fusing

Once you have fused your piece, you can now add copper foil and add it to the rest of your stained glass. Remember that fused glass will be about ¼ inch thick, so adjust your foil accordingly.

If you are using lead, you will need to use came that has an opening large enough for the thick fused glass panel.

stained glass fusing

If Stained Glass Fusing sounds like something you would enjoy attempting, give it a try. If you want to attempt Stained Glass Fusing, but don't know how to do stained glass, check out the Free Patterns for Stained Glass site. They have great patterns and instructions for doing Stained Glass. The pages are full of detailed pictures and the steps are clearly explained. I am sure you will enjoy all the helpful information provided on these pages.

stained glass fusing

This picture shows an example of how you can add some detail to your stained glass piece, by fusing your glass first. As you can see, the eyes, and noses were first fused into glass, and then the head pieces were added to the stained glass piece.

This picture is from Sue at Free Patterns for Stained

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