Signing Art

Signing art is one of the finishing steps in your fused glass art work. This is an important step, because this is how you tell others that this creation is your work. So, don’t forget to sign your work. Some individuals collect signing artists, and you never know what the future is going to hold. That simple piece might mean a fortune to someone someday, even a family member. What a keepsake to pass along your artwork to future generations, where they will recognize the artwork as being something that was made by you.

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Be sure to include not only your name but the date that the piece was completed. Not only will the signature mean something, but the date completed can help to establish how much you have accomplished and how far you have come in your progress.

Some individuals don't put the actual date on a piece but use a date code to indicate and know when the piece was created. Determine a code and use it on your pieces. An example of this would be:

  • day - 1=a 2=b 3=c, etc.
  • month - 1=12 2=11 3=10, etc.
  • year - w=2007 y=2008 z=2009, etc.
  • So, according to this code, the combination A12Z would mean 01/01/2009.

    Be consistent with your code and write it down until you become familiar with the information. This code can be any combination desired.

    If your pieces become collector items some individuals enjoy having an annual piece to showcase. The downside to dating the model is that if items don’t sell after a couple of years, someone might think there is something wrong with the piece.

    Although this should always be considered as the final step, I am guilty of forgetting and adding my signature to a lot of my pieces. Once my pieces are finished, I don’t always want to make the extra phase that might involve another firing. But, I am trying to include this important stage in my fusing projects.

    Evaluate the piece and determine the place to position your signature and date. It could be placed on the bottom of the piece, the front of the piece, or the backside. Find a prominent placement where it will not distract from the artwork.

    There are several ways you can add your signature to a piece:

  • Etching on glass – Using a dremel and a diamond bit you can etch the date and your name in the bottom of the piece.
  • Paint marker – These markers are sold under a variety of names and styles and thickness. Choose one that can be fired in a kiln. This of course does require another firing of the finished piece.

  • Pilot Gold or Silver Pen - These can be purchased at Staples or Target. They can be fused into the piece or just used after the piece has been fused.
  • Consider signing art as the final stage in your completed work. It is your decision and your artwork. Keepsakes are worth more when they have been signed and dated with the creator’s signature.

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