Glass Sifter

There are several different glass sifter types. These can be used to separate the sizes of chunks of glass or used to lightly sprinkle powder or frit as an embellishment on another piece of glass.

No matter what you are using your particular strainer for; you want to designate the piece to your glass fusing supplies. It should not be used for any other purpose, especially anything that would involve food items.

Sorting Frit

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When making your own glass frit, you might want to purchase some frit sorters. These can be purchased from Delphi Glass or other online glass stores.

The ones from Delphi come in four sizes. They look much like medium sized stainless steel colanders. The cup is a solid piece with a various sized wire mesh at the bottom of each one of the pieces.

Sort the glass into for distinct sizes; powder, fine, medium and coarse. When making your own frit, you can use these strainers to sort out the various chunk sizes. Much like panning for gold you are sorting out the different glass dimensions.

Start with the unit that has the smallest holes first. Only a fine powder will escape through the grade. This will allow you to keep the larger pieces in the cup as the smaller sizes fall through the opening.

Next move to the next larger sized holes to sort out and capture the fine sized glass and continue on until all of your glass is sorted.

Once sorted, the various sized glass can be placed in plastic bags for storage. Write the size and color of the glass on the outside of the bag for future information.

If making your own glass strainers, by using some tubing and mesh. Purchase various size mesh to achieve the same results.

Embellishing Glass

There are times when you want to add an even coating of fine powder or frit to your glass as an embellishment. This can be a fine coating or a thick layer depending on the desired look and need.

These can also be purchased or homemade. You can even purchase the ones from your grocery store for this purpose.


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