seeds, air bubbles, defects, seed bubbles

Seeds are small air bubbles that are trapped in glass during the manufacturing process.

As you can see by the picture to the right side of this page, there can be a few trapped bubbles, or a lot depending on the piece of glass.

They are generally found in glass that has been un-fused or un-heated, like fusible glass that is purchased on-line or from a glass store.

These tiny air bubbles, are a manufacturing defect and generally they cannot be removed.

Most individuals try to purchase sections of glass that do not have this manufacturing defect, because it can cause problems in your fusing project.

When grouped together, they are called “seed bubbles”.

Finding a piece of glass that has a group of bubbles will cause some major issues with your project, so avoid purchasing glass that has this imperfection.

Before spending money on your glass purchase, check each piece to assure that there are no bubbles.

These tiny air bubbles aren’t necessarily found in any particular brand of glass, although some stained glasses are manufactured intentionally with bubbles.

When stacking glass during the firing process, you might trap air and form small bubbles to form.

They can be formed intentionally or unintentionally, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Heating glass to a high temperature, as in a pot melt or screen melt any bubbles will raise to the surface of the hot glass.

This can sometimes cause small craters to form in the surface and sometimes the area will fill in with the molten glass.

To avoid ruining hours or even days of work on a particular project, make sure that the glass is bubble free before beginning.

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