Seasonal Pins

Seasonal Pins make excellent gifts for your household and acquaintances.

Who wouldn't enjoy wearing a festive piece of fused glass jewelry for a special occasion?

Holiday pins don't have to be adornments for you to wear.

They can be also be made and fused into other projects.

Make decorative platters, bowls, etc for the various seasons. Use your imagination and utilize these morsels for other projects besides pins.

Most of these tasks include the pattern for making your decorative pieces.

They are located at the bottom of each individual page of the projects.

Just copy and paste the pattern to your computer and then adjust and print the size you need.

Most of these Holiday pins would be considered more advanced projects, because they do involve using a glass saw to cut the patterns out of glass.

If you are looking for easier projects to make pins, try purchasing some pre-cut fuse cutout pieces.

These can be purchase from a number of places on line.

More projects will be added as they evolve during the year.

With each new season I will be adding to the list, because I enjoy making a few for my family and friends.

Make your art holidays complete with pins for all your kinfolk and acquaintances.

New Year's Day Projects

New Years day New Years Day Projects - Toast the New Year wearing these adorable seasonal pins. These can be made and worn on your New Years outfit, or added to other fused projects. New ideas will be added periodically, so be sure to check back often. As with most of the projects listed on this site, the use of a glass saw is necessary to complete the designs.

National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day Red Dress Pin - Where you aware that the first Friday in February is National Wear Red Day? Adorning this pin on any outfit will show your backing and awareness of the importance of this day. Make plenty of these for all of your friends and co-workers to support this important day.

Valentines Day Ideas

valentines gift ideas Red Hot Valentines Day Pins - Make different unique seasonal pins for all the loved ones you know. The Valentines Day Pin page has a list of projects that can be made for the holiday. Patterns for each project are located at the bottom of each page.

St Patrick's Day Pins

St Patrick's Day - This fun holiday is celebrated on March 17th. Traditionally everyone wears green. Make these fun and funky seasonal pins for all your family and friends to keep them from getting pinched on that day.

Easter Projects

peter cottontail, easter bunny pin, bunny pinEaster Pins - Spring is in the air and it is time to make some Easter pins. These delightful pins will help celebrate this holiday.

These pins do require the use of a glass saw. Patterns are included with the projects.

Earth Day Inspirations

earth day, world environment day, protecting the earth, earth Earth Day - Earth Day is celebrated in April and it reminds us of how important it is to protect our Mother Earth. These designs can be made into pins to show your understanding and support of taking care of our world.

Of course you don't just have to adorn these pins on Earth Day. Wear one of these designs any time of the year to help keep awareness of protecting our earth alive.

Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo, Mexican festivals, Mexican holidays, Mexican culture

Cinco de Mayo - Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5th. It is quite popular in the United States although it is a regional holiday in Mexico. Bright and colorful patterns will be added to this page. They will have a Mexican theme and can be used to design pins or fused into other projects.

Mother's Day Patterns

Mother's Day - Time to honor Mothers everywhere. When or where you celebrate this holiday, these designs will be greately appreciated.

These designs are fantastic not only for Mother's Day, but for baby shower gifts. Make them for the special Mother's in your life.

Memorial Day Ideas

Memorial Day Ideas - This holiday is celebrated in the United States. It is observed on the last Monday in the month of May. It is a time to remember all the men and women who have fought for our freedom in war time. Businesses are closed and families gather together for picnics. Many people observe this holiday by going to cemeteries and memorials.

Scholastic Graduation Ideas

scholastic, graduation, rite of passage, academic degree Scholastic Graduation Ideas - June is the time of year when classes come to an end before the hot blazing Summer months. Whether graduating from pre-school or college, it is a time of celebrations and parties.

Father's Day Projects

fathers day, fathers day celebration, dad, observances Father's Day Projects - Time to celebrate good ol' Dad! These projects can be fused into items for Dad and his special day. Celebrated in June in the United States, this special day is observed during various months around the world.

Independence Day Designs

Independence Day - The 4th of July is our Independence Day. The air is filled with excitement as fireworks explode in the night sky. Wear a festive pin to show your support for this national holiday.

Halloween Gift Ideas

halloween gift, halloween costumes, halloween mask, halloween pinsHalloween Gift Ideas - As the crisp fall winds start biting our cheeks, it is time to start thinking about all the festivities that winter has to offer. Although these are not spooky, they are adorable for Halloween. The patterns do involve using a glass saw to cut out the detailed shapes.

Creative Thanksgiving Crafts

thanksgiving crafts, thanksgiving, turkey pin, turkey dayCreative Thanksgiving Crafts - Adorn yourself or give these Thanksgiving pins to your guests this holiday. They will definitely be thankful when you do! As with all the patterns on this site, they can be turned into pieces that can also adorn any dishware or trinket. Try not to take them to a full fuse, so that you retain all the details and texture.

Christmas Adornments

making fused glass Christmas decorations Fused Glass Christmas - This page is loaded with links to various pages with lots of ideas and patterns. These are sure to turn your Christmas into some fusing fun. These can be made using precut fusible pieces, or use a glass saw to cut out any size you desire. Make them into adorable one-of-a-kind seasonal pins, or fuse them into other pieces to make ornaments for the holidays.

As the different holidays are approaching, more festival seasonal pins will be added.

Check back to see what new glass pins craft projects are listed on this Seasonal Pins page for the up coming holidays.

Make your art holidays festive with fused glass projects.

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