Scholastic Graduation

June is the month of scholastic graduations from various levels of education. As the school year winds down and final exams are taken, it is time to celebrate these well earned achievements.

Termed as a rite of passage from one grade level to another or the final stage of an education, this graduation is usually accompanied with an academic degree and celebrations. It is the action of receiving a degree or the ceremony that is associated with this event.

Before graduation the participants are referred to as graduands, and after the ceremony they are called graduates. It is an honor and usually followed by private or group parties and festivities. Every culture has its own way of celebrating this event, either by traditions or creating an observance based on current events.

Some schools have graduation ceremonies for every major level of education, from pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, high school and college, while other schools only celebrate high school and college. Parents bring flowers and balloons, while the students are ushered to the events in decorated cars and sometimes chauffeured transportation like limousines. Parties and celebrations are not limited to that individual day, but can be celebrated days or even weeks later.

The patterns located on this page will be added to as more patterns are created and designed. They can be added to glassware objects such as platters, plates or bowls or made into pins. They can be adjusted to fit your particular need for your project. Check back periodically to see if new designs have been added or to view the patterns already displayed.

  • Cap and Diploma

  • Graduation Cap

  • Graduation Diploma

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