Firing Safety Glasses

Firing safety glasses make glass fusing easier, because you can see what is happening inside the kiln.

These glasses must have IR protection and UV protection.

IR stands for infra-red, while UV stands for ultra-violet.

are specially coated to filter all the infra-red and ultra-violet light inside a sweltering kiln.

Infra-red radiation is not visible.

It is an invisible infra-red ray that is beyond the visible spectrum.

That glowing red color you see when viewing glass inside the hot kiln is not the dangerous stuff, it is in fact the light you can't see that is hazardous.

It goes directly into the eyes and cooks them.

The higher the temperature of the glass the more infra-red radiation that is produced.

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Not only do these glasses protect your eyes from the rays, but they protect them from the high heat of a hot kiln.

Any hot blast of air to your eyes can be dangerous.

Without glasses, you can feel the heat and you don’t want to cook your only pair of eyes.

They should be considered an indispensable part of your fusing supplies.

You don’t actually need a kiln with a window.

Wearing these glasses, you can open the door for a few seconds and look inside to see what is transpiring with your glass.

Please adore these firing glasses when looking at hot glass whether through a peephole or a window.

These coated lenses are not only required for the safety of your eyes, but they also help to reduce the glare these hot rays produce.

This makes it possible for you to actually see the glass.

Check the rating on the glasses you purchase.

They are rated from zero to 14 or even higher.

Zero would be a clear lens with no protection, but as the rating gets higher, the lenses darken.

It is recommended for kiln work that the shade should have a number from about 1.7 to about 2.5.

They will block about 85% to 97% of this radiation.

Bullseye AUR-93 safety glasses are designed to protect eyes from the IR radiation.

They work for fusing work in the range of up to around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since fusing glass doesn’t get much above this temperature, these will work for this process.

These glasses cost around $70 a pair and up, so they aren’t cheap, but aren’t your eyes worth a lot more?

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