Ruling Pen

Have you ever used a ruling pen in your glass fusing projects?

This simple pen holds liquid in a slot between two flexible metal jaws.

I have been taking a few non-glass related classes through a junior college and learning some interesting processes.

One of the classes I am taking is watercolor painting.

Now you might be wondering how this even relates to glass fusing, but you never know what you might learn that can be adapted to fused glass.

Low and behold in watercolor, they use an instrument called a ruling pen.

This tool is used to apply masking fluid in areas of your painting that you want to remain white while adding color the other areas.

Of course, the first thing I thought was how wonderful this would be for applying paint to glass.

Most of us have used Glassline paints and everyone knows what a pain those bulky bottles can be and how the paint gets clogged in the thin needles.

I have also purchased the air-pen and still can’t seem to control the flow to achieve even lines and designs.

Even the enamel paints are hard to achieve an even flow through the tips.

Although the magic outlining pen or Kemper fluid writing pen does allow you to achieve an even line, you are limited to the two sizes available and the little funnel is hard to fill and only holds so much fluid.

Ruling Pen Information

The pen holds paint or ink in a slot between two flexible metal jaws.

These metal jaws are tapered to a point and the paint or ink is held in the empty slot.

The width of the line can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the adjustment screw.

The pen is held vertically with the gaps on either side so that both tips of the pen contact the glass at the same time.

Dipping the pen into paint will allow the empty slot to fill with the liquid.

Try not to overfill the empty area with paint as this can cause a faster flow of paint.

Do not fill to the adjustment screw area as this can make clean up harder and could jam the mechanism.

Make sure there is no paint on the outside of the metal jaws before beginning your project.

These can be found on e-bay or on Amazon.

Check the internet for the best pricing including shipping.

The flow of the paint was easy to manage and did not tire out my hand like squeeze bottle paints.

I achieved even controlled lines in my design.

Clean-up was simple and quick.

Just imagine the possibilities!

You could paint pictures, sign your artwork, draw lines, apply etching cream, and do detailed work!

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