Rubber Channel Bail

A hidden rubber channel bail is a fantastic way to inexpensively make bails for your fused pendants.

I happened to be surfing the internet one day and stumbled on this idea.

The idea was the invention of a very talented glass artist named Shoozles.

You can view the page about these bails here .

Shoozles is a fantastic fused glass artist and this idea was on one of her pages.

She refers to them as “Alternative Pendant Cannel” or “Hidden Rubber Channel”.

rubber channel, necklace bails, jewelry bail, pendant bail

She used to make channel bails by fusing fiber paper in her glass pendants, and then created this fantastic idea.

To find out what is happening in the artistic world of Shoozles, follow her blog, "Wear Your Art" .

This is a creative no bail alternative to all those purchased or fused bails.

When placed on the back of a fused piece of glass, it gracefully falls upon the chest like an expensive painting.

Like art that is hanging in a gallery, these pieces stand on their own as they draw attention to them.

They hold up great, are comfortable to wear and are so very simple to construct.

rubber channel, necklace bails, jewelry bail, pendant bail


  • Fused pendant
  • Rubber tubing
  • 2 part Epoxy
  • Toothpick
  • Directions:

    Purchase rubber tubing.

    The tubing I purchased was about 29 cents per foot.

    Very inexpensive!

    Determine the opening for your desired mounting piece.

    Measure fused pendant and cut tubing just a tad shorter than width of adornment.

    Cut tubing in half lengthwise.

    Clean fused pendant.

    Mix 2 part Epoxy and dab a little on the back of the pendant.

    Place tubing on pendant and make sure that it is secure in the glue.

    Allow the piece to dry.

    Attach a chord or other necklace material.

    After seeing how easy these are to construct and how inexpensive they are to make, I am sure you will be making these to adorn your fused glass cabochons.

    I know I will be making a lot more for my pieces.

    rubber channel, necklace bails, jewelry bail, pendant bail

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