Removing Bead Release

Removing bead release is a common dilemma. Anyone who has done lamp work beading or used mandrels for glass fusing has run into trying to remove this hard material.

Bead release is generally used to coat mandrels. The mandrels coated are commonly made of wooden skewers or purchased metal bead mandrels. Once completely dry, the mandrel is then placed between layers of glass to leave a gap or hole in the finished piece. Once fused, the mandrel is either removed or if it is made of wood, it will burn out leaving only the release material.

When used to keep a gap in a fused glass piece, this hard dry substance can be difficult to remove. Although light gray brown before firing, it turns white after firing and has a tendency to stick to the glass.

Sometimes changing the release you use can make a world of difference in the application and the results after firing. Some of the material is just next to impossible to remove after firing. Some suggested releases would be Fusion Bead Separator, K.R.A.G. MUD, and Foster Fire. Individuals swear by all different kinds of bead release, find the one that works best for you and your needs.

You could even try making your own bead release . Adjust the formula to meet your requirements.

Suggestions for removing release:

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  • Denture tablets – Place a tablet or two into a container of water. Place glass in container. Allow the glass to soak for a while and then remove and clean.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar – Place the glass in a plastic container. Sprinkle in some baking soda and cover glass with vinegar. Soak for a while, remove and clean.
  • Dremel Tool – Use a high-speed cordless Dremel tool with a diamond bit to clean off glass.
  • Sonic Jewelry Cleaner – Place coated glass into cleaner, add some water and turn on the machine. The vibration will help to remove the material.

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