Reaching Tongs

There are a few times in your fusing experience when the necessity of using reaching tongs might come into play. They are just one of the many glass fusing tools that you should have on hand for just this situation.

A reaching tool is tremendous for accessing hot items deep inside the kiln. This might be to adjust the glass or to maneuver a piece in some processes. They are also used for picking up hot items inside the kiln.

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As always keep in mind all the safety issues before beginning this process. These tongs are made of metal and it is important to completely shut down the kiln before every going inside the kiln with any object. Most kiln use a single pole relay. This means that even if the element is turned off and you touch a metal tool to the element you can still receive a volt shock. It is half of the shock that you would get if the elements were turned on, but it is still quite a shock. Some individuals turn off the breaker before maneuvering inside the kiln, but breakers are not really designed to be used as on and off switches. So avoid the metal coils completely! Always wear protective glove and lenses before opening the lid of the kiln.

These grabbers come in various shapes and sizes. Some have serrated tips to grab the item, while others have graphite paddles on the end. They also come with straight reaching arms and curved arms. Each one has a specific usage.

The curved tongs with graphite paddles on the tips are generally used for making bracelets. Once the glass is heated to a bendable temperature the grabbers are used to maneuver the glass around a durable stainless steel bracelet mold.

Long straight armed tongs are used to pick up hot items inside the kiln or to move items around. Be sure that these are long enough to reach deep into the kiln.

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