Puritan Pilgrim

The Puritan story started with a group of individuals who thought it was crucial to separate from the Church of England. The term was an insult applied to these individuals who wanted to “purify” the church. Some of these people believed that the church was dishonest and wanted to disconnect from this corruption, while others believed in reform but not separation.

This is a very ebullient looking pilgrim. His cheerful smile seems so engaging and warm. With his familiar distinct brim and tall crown, this quaint pilgrim will gladly adorn any Thanksgiving outfit. This is just another of the pilgrim crafts to add to the list of Thanksgiving crafts.


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  • Black hat glass
  • White collar glass
  • Brown hair glass
  • Grey hat glass
  • Tan face glass
  • Pattern
  • Beeswax or Chap Stick
  • Glass saw
  • Glass Cleaner choice
  • Black stringer glass
  • Eyes
  • Hairspray
  • Glassline paints
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions

    1. Copy and cut the guide.

    2. Situate the sections on the appropriate shade glass and copy near the pattern with a permanent marker. Liberally coat the markings with beeswax or Chap Stick.

    3. A glass saw is required to cut the design. Make a point of cutting close to the line to retain the figure and all the precise particulars.

    4. Clean with dish soap and rinse in clean water or use glass cleaner to eliminate the pen marks and residue. Dry the items.

    5. Place the pieces on a ready kiln ledge and put the shelf in the kiln. At all times grip the glass by the border to avoid fingerprints.

    6. Use Bent stringers to depict the nose and mouth.

    7. Using Glassline paints to add the buckle on the hat brim.

    8. Add a couple of eyes.

    9. Use a dab of hairspray to secure the eyes, nose and mouth in place.

    10. Close up the top or door. Activate the kiln.

    11. Look at the task at about 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever peeping at your fused glass have on glasses with IR and UV shield.

    12. When the piece has your desired look, turn off and unplug the unit. If the kiln is made with thick fire bricks, you can let it cool off on its own. If however it is built with ceramic fiber, the unit must be kept on and observed so that it does not cool down any more than roughly 300 degrees Fahrenheit an hour.

    13. Once the temperature drops underneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the oven can be opened.

    14. When the project has cooled to room temperature, add a brooch back. Secure the brooch back with a two part epoxy.

    I used a little Pebeo Vitrea 160 paint to add the mouth, nose and the rosy cheeks. Then the piece was oven cured according to the manufacture's directions.

    Puritan Pilgrim Pattern

    puritan, pilgrim, pilgrim crafts, thanksgiving crafts

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