Puffy Glass

This puffy glass has a dark green top layer with soft pale green leaves and a purple flower protruding through the upper layer.

The unique and appealing structure has a subtle puffy 3-D texture.

Although it looks difficult to achieve, it is really extremely simple.

You will need to determine the glass and design you would like to use.

I first selected the dark green glittery opaque glass and the lighter green and purple translucent glass.

Green leaves and a subtle purple flower protruding through this glittery dark green background was the idea behind this design.

They will need to be either hanging on a string like suspension or suspended on a curved line so that you can cut the pattern out with a glass saw.

Make a few of the designs large, medium and small to break up the pattern and add interest to the piece.

You will be cutting out the entire pattern or stencil, not just individual areas.

Determine which one of the items you want to inflate.

You could make all of them puffy if desired, but I think just having a few inflated inserts some appeal to the design.

Using fiber paper is the key to adding the inflated 3-D appearance.

Layering various sizes will give the piece a more round effect.

puffy glass, opaque glass, translucent glass, fiber paper, opaque glass


  • Top opaque glass
  • Bottom translucent glass
  • Permanent marker
  • Beeswax, Chapstick or Rubber Cement
  • Glass saw
  • 1/4 " Fiber Board
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Protective glasses
  • High temperature gloves

  • puffy glass, opaque glass, translucent glass


    1. Select your top and bottom layer glass.

    2. Determine the size of your project and cut glass to this size.

    3. Print on either card stock (this will be traced around with a permanent marker) or paper (this will be glued down with Rubber Cement) and cut out the pattern.

    4. Place the pattern on the top opaque glass and trace with a permanent marker or use Rubber Cement to adhere a paper pattern.

    5. If using a permanent marker, cover the markings with either beeswax or Chapstick. If using Rubber Cement allow the area to dry completely.

    6. Cut out entire stencil or pattern using a glass saw. If it has been traced with a permanent marker or glued down with rubber cement, then the entire pattern will be cut out

    7. Place opaque glass on top of translucent glass and put on prepared kiln shelf.

    8. Bring glass to a full fuse inside the kiln.

    9. Once annealed and cooled to room temperature, determine which areas you want to puff out and cut fiber paper to this size using pattern.

    9. Cut out more fiber paper just a tad smaller than the original leaf.

    10. Cut another piece of fiber paper just a tad smaller than the one cut above.

    11. Build up the layers of fiber paper and place under the selected areas to puff out.

    12. Place kiln shelf into kiln.

    13. Since the piece has been previously fired, bring it up slowly at about 250-300 degrees per hour.

    14. Once it has reached a temperature of about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, soak for about 30 minutes to allow the glass to even out in temperature before continuing.

    15. Bring the piece to a full fuse of about 1450 degrees Fahrenheit depending on your particular kiln.

    16. Anneal and cool to room temperature.

    Once the puffy glass is completed, it can be copper foiled and soldered. Add a couple of rings on the top edges for hanging in a window, or the piece can be placed it in a frame and hung on the wall.

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