Problems and Solutions

This page will discuss some of the problems and solutions to your glass fusing adventure.

If you have any problems that are not discussed on these pages, please feel free to contact me through the contact page and I will be happy to help you.

Although we all want out projects to come out perfectly, there are times when there are problems with either the kiln or the glass and figuring out went wrong and how to avoid the problem or fix the issue is helpful.

These pages are only a reference guide and should only be taken as a suggestion to the problem.

Keep notes of all of your firing processes not only so that solutions to problems can be accessed, but so that fantastic outcomes can be repeated.

This can be done by printing out individual pages and placing them inside a folder, or purchasing a booklet to write all of your fusing procedures inside.

Glass Fusing Problems

These are glass fusing problems that occur during or because of the firing procedures.

The problems and solutions on this page include:

  • Bowing glass
  • Bubbles
  • Cracks
  • Flattened out piece
  • Foamy surface
  • Glass repelling
  • Gray or Scummy Edges
  • Kiln wash sticking
  • Rough pieces
  • Sharp Spiky Edges
  • Shrunken/Expanded piece

  • Kiln Problems

    Kiln problems are common occurrences.

    These are some functions that might induce troubles within the kiln.

    These could leave you feeling a little despair when they occur. Some of the inside problems might be:

  • Fire inside the kiln
  • Glass on the heating elements
  • Glass on the kiln floor
  • Glass on the kiln shelf

  • Fixing Kiln Coils

    Fixing Kiln Coils seems like an impossible and difficult task.

    There might come the time when you will need to repair the coils inside the kiln.

    Wear and tear on the kiln elements is something that can’t be avoided.

    Coils are being heated and cooled on a regular basis, and begin to wear and fall out of the grove that is holding them in place. Learn how to repair these coils.

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