Powder Vibe

Powder vibe is a new tool on the glass fusing market. For years individuals have been trying to control the fine enameling powder and this instrument is perfect. Not only will it help to keep your glass enamels organized and clean, but the tiny device also helps dispense them a controlled manner.

When trying to draw or make fine lines with the dusty uncontrolled powders in your enamel art work, this is the perfect utensil. If you find yourself staying away from using enamels because the powder is hard to control, this tool will assist you with this problem.

The tool comes with an oral B device, which is a vibrating dental pick and six brass tubes. The interior diameter of the tubes is .28 inches. You might need to find a 1/4" funnel to assist in getting the finest (powder) grade enamels into the tubes. Check the cake decorating isle at your local Walmart, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby. The metal cake tips are excellent for this purpose.

The tubes are filled with enamel and placed on the vibrating tool. The magnetic grip on these tubes is very strong. As the tool vibrates the flow of enamel comes out of the hole in the end of the tube. The hole in each of the tubes is consistent from one tube to the next, so you will achieve the same amount of flow. The tiny oral vibe fits nicely in your hand.

It now comes with a handy magnetic stand. Be sure that you add this to your order when making your purchase. If you have purchased it previously, like I did, it didn’t come with a stand. Use a flat rectangle refrigerator magnet with the magnet side up. The magnetic side is perfect to keep the tiny tubes standing up without knocking over while working on your glass.

This instrument is becoming extremely popular when working with enamels, and will become an indispensable part of you work space. There is a waiting period for the tool to be built and mailed. Be sure to order soon to reserve a space in the production schedule.

If you find that the enamel wouldn't flow right in the powder vibe machine, you might want to consider washing the enamels. Use a mortar and pestle. Put the enamel in the mortar and fill it about half full with distilled water. Use the pestle to swirl and stir the powder. Carefully drain the water. The enamel should settle to the bottom of the mortar and any debris should float to the top. Allow the enamel to dry completely.

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