Picture Frame Pendant

Basically a picture frame pendant can be made just like a frame. It would make a fabulous gift for that special loved one. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this project.

You could fuse all of your pieces on a clear base. The clear base will become the window for your picture. After fusing attach your picture and you are finished.

Fiber paper is the key for keeping an opening in your glass. It can be washed out with water when the project is completed.

Professional Looking Picture Frame

For a cleaner more professional look, you could make a sandwich of glass. Once you have made the top of your picture frame pendant, place it upside down on your kiln shelf. Then put some smaller pieces around the edges and bottom of this glass. Put a small piece of fiber paper between the smaller pieces of glass.

This illustration shows how the glass would look. The green shows the top and bottom of your piece. The red represents the smaller pieces placed on the sides and bottom of the frame to keep the space open for your picture. The blue shows the fiber paper between the pieces of glass.

This will hold the glass open for your picture to be inserted into when finished. Now add a layer of glass, this will become the backing of your picture. Tack fuse this piece; don’t allow your back piece to slump into your frame. Now you will have a small pocket to put your picture inside your finished piece.

Play around with this method and see what works best for you and your design. You could add a pin back or bail to this piece. This can make a fantastic piece of fused glass jewelry

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Picture Frame Pendant to Glass Fusing Made Easy

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