Photographing Outdoors

Oh, there is nothing like photographing outdoors on a nice warm day. The natural lighting makes the great outdoors just seem to come alive in your photos.

Remember to move in close as you are photographing your piece. Look through your viewer to be sure you have your piece centered and in focus.

The world is wide open with objects that you can select and use for backgrounds. The ground itself, leaves, rocks, water, etc. just seem to be begging to be included in your shots. Take advantage of all the natural beauty around you.

dichroic art glass jewelry Look for ways to naturally frame your shots. Use these objects to accentuate your piece. Make your fused glass piece the focal point of your pictures. Try not to include too many colors in your shot, so that they don’t distract and pull your viewer’s eye away from your focal point.

It is best to have the sun behind you when taking a picture, and the ideal time is just after the sun has set. Keep the sky out of your pictures, if it is a dull grey day. Then again, the bright sun can wash out pictures. Try to avoid the midday period of the day.

dichroic art glass jewelry

Take lots of pictures, and experiment with all of your camera settings and different angles. Shooting a picture from above can give you an interesting perspective.

If shooting a picture horizontally, try to avoid placing your object in the middle of the picture. Place it about a third of the way from the top or bottom of your shot.

To avoid blurred pictures, use a tripod. If you are not using a tripod, be sure you are standing comfortably with your legs slightly apart.

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