Photo Backgrounds

These photo backgrounds will add more sparkle to your photographing. Check out the graphic programs on your computer to see what it has to offer.

Have a great photo, but a crummy setting? It’s easy to put your photos on these fantastic backdrops, and turn your photos into fabulous pieces of art.

These backgrounds can be used inside or outside to add texture and color to your photos. Just place your piece on top of these settings and use your photo studio setup.

You can reduce the detail and color in the backdrop, if you desire a distinct look. Since these will be on your computer, you can open them up in any picture program and adjust them to your preference without altering the original image. Just make your adjustments and save with a different name.

Just save and print on the highest printer setting. Use a matte or glossy photo paper when printing to achieve the best results.

Place your item on the backdrop and take your picture. You can use these with any Photo Studio setup.

Blue Corodory



Copper Rivets

Coppery Water

Crinkled Paper

Fishing Nets

Footsteps in Sand

Grey Wood

Paper Confetti

Peeling Paint

Red Confetti

Red Sand



Scattered Rocks


Water Drops

White Gauze

Wrought Iron

Yellow Rope

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