Do You Want to Make a Personalized Pin?

Personalized pins say "I'm thinking of you". What better way to tell your friends and family that they are important. Delight your loved ones by making Christmas pins and personalizing them for each individual on your Christmas list.

These adornments have been created using precut fused pieces. This makes a very unique tailored gift for every individual on your list. The top of the stocking makes an ideal place to add a name, or run the name down the front of the sock. You could also add some paint to decorate the stocking.

making fused glass Christmas decorations


  • Precut fused Christmas stockings
  • Glassline paint
  • Glassline paint tip - fine
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Glasses With IR And UV Protection
  • Using just a few items, these pins can be made in just one firing. Purchase your pieces ahead of time and prepare your kiln before you begin.

    Here are the simple and easy to follow instructions.

    1. Purchase your pieces, or cut your own pieces out of glass.

    2. Prepare your kiln shelf. You can use either kiln wash for protection, or kiln paper.

    3. Using the fine Glassline paint tip write or print the name of the individual.

    4. Arrange the pieces on the kiln shelf, being sure to overlap your pieces so that they will fuse together. Place inside the kiln. Be sure to hold all pieces by the edge so that you don’t get any fingerprints on your finished piece.

    5. Once you have all your pieces arranged on the shelf, close the lid and turn on your kiln.

    6. Fire these pieces as fast as possible to approximately 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Wearing protective glasses, peek periodically inside the kiln until your pieces have reached your desired look. I prefer to have more texture on my items and like the tacked look on my pieces.

    7. Once you have reached your desired look, turn off the kiln and allow to cool naturally to room temperature. If your kiln has dense fire bricks and it cools down slowly you are able to turn it off and allow it cool down to room temperature. If it's a ceramic fiber kiln you'll have to cool down at a pace not faster than about 300 degrees per hour.

    8. Do not open the kiln until it reaches below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Personalized pins can be made out of any fusing project. When you add a name to your project, you are letting the individual know that you have been thinking of them and that they are special on your list of friends.

    For more on making fused glass Christmas decorations, please check out the Fused Glass Christmas page.

    If you want to make these and you have a glass saw, here is the pattern. Copy this and reduce or enlarge for making fused glass Christmas decorations.

    Personalized Pin Pattern

    making fused glass Christmas decorations

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