Peep Hole

A peep hole is a very valuable part on your glass fusing kiln.  

It allows you to see if you projects are at the right stage, so they can go through the annealing and cooling process.  

Certain projects have to be caught at crucial stages before they can be finalized.  

If these are let go too long, they could be ruined.

This is a hole cut into the kiln that allows you to look inside a hot kiln without opening the lid to check on how your piece is coming along.  

It typically is placed at the side of the kiln.

You can view your piece at critical moments just by using this hole and not by raising the lid, as mentioned earlier.  

This keeps the temperature steady in the kiln, so that your fused glass project will process correctly.  

It comes with a plug to keep it closed when it is not in use.

You can also use this hole for venting the kiln.  

This process will be necessary with all projects.  

However, there are some techniques in glass fusing that do require this action.  

Make sure your kiln is in a well-ventilated area, as always.  

At times, you also will need to lift the lid; it all depends on how quickly you need to lower the heat during this venting process.

Safety Precautions

You should take certain safety precautions when you either looking in the peep hole to see your work or using it for venting.  

These safety measures are to make sure you are not injured at all in the process of using this hole.  

Follow the suggestions below on this matter:

Wear safety eyewear that is IR and UV rated.  

This protects your eyes not only from the heat, but also the infrared and UV rays given off from the kiln during the firing process.

Wear gloves to protect your hands from being burned.  

Remember, kiln temperatures are often over 1000 degrees F, when you need to take a peek.  

Some heat will escape as you remove the plug from the hole.  

If your hands are not protected, your hands could suffer burns.

Make sure to wear cotton clothing when using accessing your kiln.  

Silks and other fabrics can be adversely affected by high heat.

Keep the plug in the hole for most of the firing process.  

It only needs to be out a short time for you to check on your project.  

When you are venting the kiln though, you will leave it out longer.

Get familiar with your kiln, so that you know all the parts of it.  

This will help you to use your kiln for firing your glass fusing projects.  

The peep hole is just one important part of your kiln, but by no means is it the major part of it.  

Now, you will understand how to use this hole when your project calls for it.

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