Pattern Bar Slices

Pattern bar slices are made from cutting off certain widths of pattern bars. 

Pattern bars are made from layers of strips of glass, stringers or frit and typically are made from different colors. 

On some bars, you can see each layer of colored glass, while others may have the colors swirled together. 

These add unique qualities to any project. 

The slices are the way to add pieces of the bars into your fused glass projects.

The pattern bar is generally sliced down the middle and then each half is cut into even slices.

Once sliced the patterns from each section will have a matching pattern with the slice that was next to it when cut.

Cutting the Pattern Bar Slices

These should be cleaned using a wet belt sander.

Start with a rough belt (80 grit) to remove any debris and uneven edges.

Then continue with the middle rough belt (120 grit) and finish with the smoothest belt (210 grit).

Once completed the pieces should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before adding to any other project.

Pattern slices also make excellent jewelry pieces such as pendants. 

A small slice will melt round inside the kiln or oblong and then when it is cool it can be made to hang on a chain using a couple of different techniques. 

Wire wrapping is one technique, but there are others available.

Currently the rage is to individually layer them inside a stainless steel ring mold and allow them to slump and run together to achieve unique plates. 

This is referred to as a Pattern Bar Flow Technique. 

It is important to know if the slices are too thin, the edges may become distorted, as they start to pull in and shrink. 

The slices should be at least 3/8 inch in width in most cases. 

Also, know that the colors and shapes of the slices will change during the firing process.

How to Prepare the Kiln

You shouldn't use thin fire paper to prepare the kiln shelf, because you will be working at high enough temperature for the fire paper to break down, when you are making jewelry pieces. 

You need to coat the kiln shelf heavily with wash or use at least 1/8 inch of fiber paper on the shelf instead.

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