New Years Day Projects

Before the countdown counter descends towards New Years Day, plan and design some pins or adornments for your celebration.

Most of the celebration occurs on New Year’s Eve, while the actual day of the New Year is usually spent at home watching the Rose Bowl Parade and football.

This is a time of reminiscing about the past year, while looking towards the future.

Many people make resolutions with all good intentions that are not always kept during the up coming New Years.

While others believe that eating certain foods will bring you luck in the coming year.

There are many different traditions depending on where you are located.

Celebrating the New Year is one of the oldest holidays, and is celebrated all around the world.

Champagne bottles are popped open as people kiss and sing "Auld Lang Syne".

Help bring in this New Year with fused pieces designed utilizing the patterns listed on this page.

There aren’t many designs for this celebration.

Use coloring pages, or do a search on the internet for further ideas.

As new projects are designed and created, they will be listed on this page.

This page will list some ideas that can be turned into either pins, or fused into other fusing projects.

They are listed in alphabetical order, and to access them, just click on the link.

Each pattern has an example of the completed piece and a pattern template.

They do require the use of a glass saw and can be adjusted to your desired size and shape.

Champagne Bottle

New Year's Baby

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