Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a holiday to honor all mothers. There are special celebrations to honor your own mother and moms everywhere all over the world.

Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States all have special celebrations to honor Mothers.

Mother's Day is celebrated on a Sunday in May, while in the United Kingdom, it is celebrated in March. Not only are these days not celebrated on the same day, but they are also performed in different ways depending on the location in the world.

On this day, as we express our gratitude for all the hardships moms bear in raising children, one of the easiest and best ways to honor mom is to give her the day off. It is a time where she is waited on and served by other family members, especially her children.

On May 8, 1914, U. S. President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution to have a dedicated day to honor Mothers. Now people all over the world honor and celebrate Mom in their own individual ways.

Giving a mother’s day gift is a way of commemorating motherhood and honoring mothers everywhere. Celebrate mom with a fused glass pendant or broach that she can wear not only on this special day, but all year long. Several designs and patterns will be listed on this page.

This page will list some of the pin ideas that can be made as mother’s day gifts. These designs could also be used as baby shower gifts or for a special friend. Pages will be added as new ideas are included for this special holiday.

Design Ideas:

  • Cameo

  • Flowers for Mom

  • Mom and Child

  • Mom Etching on Glass

  • Mother and Child Heart

  • Motherhood

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