Morton System

The Morton System makes up an integrated system of tools that help you cut glass more easily and safely.  

Some cuts in fact would be almost impossible to make using other equipment.  

The information below will discuss the various products that are included in this integrated system.

Mini Surface Plus SS02P

Two of the Mini Surface Plus SS02P work surfaces interlocked together take the place of the retired Morton System Maxi Surface.  

The cells contained on the SS02P trap any glass chips and this prevents your glass piece from being scratched for your glass fusing project.  

It is also a safe area to work that reduces the mess, which happens when working with glass.

If you only buy one of these SS02P it is half the work area of the retired Maxi and measures 22.5 inches by 15.75 inches (57cm by 40cm).  

When 2 of these panels are combined the measurements are 31.5 inches by 22.5 inches (80cm by 57cm).

You add marks and numbers on this surface to make it work in harmony with other of Morton Products such as the Portable Glass Shop, and the Circle and Border System.  

You can now print out numbers for this purpose rather than writing them in with a Sharpie or other writing instrument, as you did in the past.  

These numbered squares are pasted onto the cells with just craft glue.

The Morton System Portable Glass Shop

This Portable Glass Shop lets you perform cuts quickly and accurately.

You will be able to cut rectangles, diamond, triangles and many geometric shapes with little trouble.  

If you need to cut more than one piece the same size, you will only need to measure once to cut all the pieces exactly the same dimensions.  

This works perfectly with the SS02P mentioned earlier.

In this shop, you will receive the following Morton System:

Two squaring blocks

One 22" cutting bar

One squaring fence

Two bar locks

One small squaring fence

One ruler that combines both inch and metric measurements

Three glass stops

One cutting gauge

Circle and Border System

The Morton Circle and Border System is the perfect accessory to go with your Portable Glass Shop by Morton.  

It is a jig tool designed specifically for a glass crafter.  It enables you to not only cut circles for bowl or plate glass fusing projects, but also has a computer program included to help you figure out the right size to cut your glass.  

This system includes:

One Measuring Bar Assembly

One Turn Table Assembly

One Jig Board Assembly

Miscellaneous items that include the computer CD among other things

Safety Break Safety Break Buttons and Blocks

This patented method for breaking glass consists of the Morton Runner, Pressure Block and the Breaking Button.

Breaking glass with the help of these Morton System cuts down on the amount of flares and burrs.  

This system was developed to work in conjunction with the Portable Glass Shop.

Teeny Circle System

This system is specifically designed for cutting small circles.  

It can make circles 6 inches and under.  

The jigs also allow for other things than just circles.  This works with your glass cutter.


These are just some of the Morton Products that make cutting glass more of a joy than a task.  

Using these products will definitely only add to the quality of your glass fusing projects.  

If you do not use them yet, start today!

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