The name millefiori is a mixture of two Italian words.

“Mille” means thousand and “fiori” stands for flowers.

So the term means “a thousand flowers”.

This is fitting as most of the pieces look like tiny round glass flowers.

Some individuals refer to them as “murrini”.

These colorful circular pieces can be purchased in several different COEs.

Make sure you purchase they type that will fuse with your other glass pieces.

They come in an array of distinctive colors and patterns.

Delphi Glass - Art Glass Tools & Supplies offers quite a variety of mixtures.

Their newest pattern is called the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment”.

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The glass pieces are generally made using some glass blowing techniques.

This requires a gloryhole, a few punts, and various other tools.

The glass is heated and the punts are used to pull the molten glass into long thick strings.

Then these long strings are cut down into manageable pieces.

Because of this process, no two strings of millefiori are the same.

The thicker the piece, the more they will spread out when fused.

Keep this in mind when adding the pieces to your glass.

Try to use pieces that are the same height and diameter.

Use a grinder to smooth down and even out the edges.

The rods are sometimes cut with mosaic cutters and this has a tendency to make the tops and bottoms uneven.

Grinding them will not only help the pieces stay in place, but it will also assure there is no unevenness in the glass as it is heated.

Some individuals press them down during fusing to flatten the pieces.

This procedure would need to be done once the pieces have reached a molten temperature.

The pieces fuse differently when mashed.

Ramp up slowly as these pieces are thick and have previously been heated.

This will assure that the glass heats up more evenly.

Use unscented hairspray to adhere the individual pieces to your glass if desired.

Using Elmer’s glue or other types of glue can sometimes cause the pieces to move during the heating process.

Allow the hairspray to dry completely and keep in mind the fact that the glue will burn off before a tack temperature.

If the pieces are placed in a manner that they won’t stay without the glue then they will also slide during the firing process.

If covering the piece with clear glass, be sure to use a thick piece as the cover.

A thicker clear cover will heat more evenly and offer less chance of the tiny pieces moving.

Turn the tiny pieces into jewelry pieces like pendants or added to any other project.

They are small enough to be used as embellishments or inclusions.

Place them into a jewelry pod and then fill the mold with glass frit or simply place them on top of a design.

If you want a particular color or pattern, try designing your own millefiori using one of the Murrini molds.

This can be done by using a Stainless Steel Murrini Tube or the Murrini Maker.

The stainless steel pipe will produce round tubes, while the Murrini maker will have a flat side.

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