Man Christmas Gift

Let’s talk about making a man Christmas gift. What are some suggestions for a husband, boyfriend, dad, or male acquaintance? These Christmas gifts should be based on the man’s age and his interests. Of course you want to make holiday gifts men want, but most of the fusing ideas are more feminine.

These items could be for Christmas, a birthday or any time of the year. They don’t have to be just a man Christmas gift. Add some dichroic glass to the piece to insert that extra sparkle. Personalize each piece with some hot glass creations. Make a fused Christmas gift or for any time of the year!

Some of the items like the cuff links, belt buckle and wine stopper require a blank that the fused piece is attached to. For any of the blanks, do a search on Google. Check out the different locations and compare prices before purchasing.

man Christmas gift

Here are a few suggestions:

Gifts for Him

Multi-colored Fused Vase – You could pay up to $300 for an item like this. These vases don’t have to be feminine in nature. Make them in colors that would appeal to a male. Design them around his preferred sport team, or favorite colors.

Glass Cuff Links - Purchase some cuff link blanks and fuse some glass to attach to these pieces. These can be very inexpensive to make. These are sure to add something just a little distinctive to any outfit.

Glass Buckles – You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear a belt buckle. These can be made by purchasing some belt buckle blanks and attaching a fused glass piece of art. Display your fused glass on some bight nickel finished buckles.

Wine Cork Stoppers - These are a very popular item and make wonderful hostess gifts. Purchase a favorite wine for the man on your list and include a fused glass cork stopper. Use some ribbon to attach the stopper to the bottle.

Letter Opener – Using some pre-purchased letter opener blanks, make a unique desk top piece. Talk about a useful gift item. You can make these in several different styles.

Business Card Holder – Personalized a business card holder with some glass tile ornaments. These can be made using a fusing tile or for a unique gift, make one out of a bottle.

Organizer – Make a fused glass organizer for his dresser top. These can be made to hold keys, spare change, etc.

This is just a few suggestions for making gifts for him, the man or men on your list. Hopefully they have sparked your creative juices. If you have any suggestions for some man Christmas gift ideas that can be listed here, please contact me .

For even more Christmas ideas and projects, visit the Fused Glass Christmas page.

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