Making a Fused Glass Donut

Making a fused glass donut is easy and fun.

These can be made to wear on a necklace, or fused to some other designed project.

With a hole in the center or off to the side, these forms can be very versatile.

You can achieve various looks depending on the end product.

There are several ways you can make these.

Some of the ways to achieve the donut look would be to; drill a hole in a fused piece, use a purchased/homemade mold, or by free forming a shape.

Let's look at these different methods and see how each one is achieved.

Try them all, or pick one that appeals to your creative design.

Drill a Hole

Making a fused glass donut can be accomplished by drilling a hole in the glass.

You can fuse glass together, and then use a glass drill to put a hole in the middle of your piece.

See drilling a hole on this web site.

There are a couple of ways you can achieve this look.

1. Use an electric drill or drill press. This will require two diamond core drill bits. One bit should be the size you want the outside of your donut, and the other should be the size of the inside hole.

2. Select the piece to be drilled. This can be a fused piece or a piece that has not been pre-fused. Be sure to place the drill press on a level surface. Cover and protect the surround area from the splashing water.

3. Place a towel or some other object under the glass. This will ensure that the bit doesn't continue to drill through whatever the press is placed on, and help to hold the glass in place.

4. Keep the drill bit cool during the drilling process. This can be done by using water and dripping it onto the bit as it begins working, or placing the glass in a container with water. Periodically lift the bit to ensure that water is getting inside the area to keep the bit cool.

5. Wear protective gloves and glasses when drilling the glass. Protect your eyes from any stray particles of glass.

6. Use the larger diamond core drill bit to drill a large hole in the center of your piece. Set the drill to a fairly high speed to avoid blunting the diamond coating on the bit. Once the outside shape is cut, switch to the smaller diamond bit to cut out the inner circle.

7. Once you have drilled your piece, you will need to do some cold work to rid the piece of any dust particles. This might involve using a grinder to even out any areas, and scrubbing the glass thoroughly. Be sure to dry the piece completely.

8. Now the piece will need to be put back inside the kiln and fired to achieve a fire polish. If the piece has been fused before drilling, you will need to use a conservative firing schedule.

making a fused glass donut


You can use a mold with a donut shape for making a fused glass donut.

For a look at these fused glass jewelry molds, please go to the Cookin With Glass site for some fantastic molds.

This method is called "glass fusing frit casting".

It is really simple to use these jewelry molds, and does require frit to fill up the forms.

If you want a particular color, try making your own frit to use in these molds.

For more information on using molds to achieve a donut look, please visit the Jewelry Fusing Molds section of this web site.

When using these molds, it does require several firings.

The frit has a tendency to shrink into the areas of the mold, and once fired, it will need to be refilled and fired again.

This could take several different firings to achieve your desired outcome.

Free Form

My favorite is the free formed shape.

Making a fused glass donut this way, really stirs up the creative juices.

These are fantastic for using scraps of left over glass.

Just use scraps of the same color of glass, or mix and match the pieces.

You can free form your glass donut by layering the glass pieces to get a piece with a space in the middle of the finished piece.

These are more of an organic very one-of-a-kind donut shaped pieces.

This look is achieved by layering glass in a circular, square, triangle, or very organic shape.

Build up several layers of glass, being sure to leave a hole somewhere in the piece.

The hole will get smaller as the glass melts and moves in the kiln, so allow enough space between the pieces of glass, so that there will be a space when it is finished firing.

You can even leave several gaps in the finished product.

If there are several holes, the piece can be worn at various angles to acquire a completely different look.

making a fused glass donut

There are many ways of making a fused glass donut.

Use some dichroic glass for a dazzling piece of dichroic glass jewelry.

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