Magic of Dichroic Glass

Oh, the magic of dichroic glass. This glass is spectacular in any fused glass piece. Whether you are making a piece of dichroic art glass jewelry, or a fused art glass platter, it grabs the eye and holds you captive with its beauty.

Dichroic glass is extremely expensive. A small piece of this magical glass can run you almost ten dollars. But, it doesn’t need to dominate your piece to add so much detail and glamor.

You can purchase dichroic glass in just about any color of the rainbow, or you can make pieces by using a product called Dicro slide. This product can also add the dichro magic to your pieces.

Dicro Slide™ is a dichroic coated paper that can be added to your glass to give you the appearance and detail of purchased dichroic glass. This product is compatible with any COE glass. Dicro Slide™ comes as a 3.2” x 8” sheets, and can run about $22 dollars a sheet. It still doesn’t come in a variety of colors that you can purchase. To use you will need the following items:

  • Dicro Slide™
  • Water basin
  • Distilled water
  • Scissors and/or paper punches
  • Paper towels
  • Wooden skewers
  • Long handled tweezers
  • You can either cut or using a paper punch, punch out a design in the Dicro Slide™. After cutting or punching your design, place the piece of Dicro Slide™ into your water basin filled with distilled water. You only need to just cover the paper, it is not necessary to have it submerged in a lot of water. Leave these pieces in the water for about 2 minutes.

    Remove your piece of Dicro Slide™ from the water and blot of any excessive water. The Dicro Slide™ should slide off easily, like a decal. If it doesn't slide off, soak for a longer period of time. Position the slide onto your glass. You can layer other glass on top of this slide also.

    Just like regular dichroic glass, you can’t fuse this Dicro Slide™ to itself, or against any other type of metals. This works best on clear glass.

    You can purchase dichroic glass or use Dicro Slide™ to achieve the magic of dichroic glass in your fused glass art. Dazzle your jewelry with a little Dichromagic.

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