Klyr-Fire Glue

Klyr-fire is manufactured by Thompson Enamels.

It is a water based glue used for glass fusing.

This adhesive fuses clean and clear with no left-over residue.

It can be used to secure glass pieces when transporting them to the kiln or when embellishing a piece of glass.

According to the reviews I have read, it is slow drying and doesn’t have any real strength.

Use a toothpick or other pointy object to drip a little of the liquid onto your glass.

Just like other glues, place the drop around the edge of your pieces so that the liquid can run down and under the glass.

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Allow the glue to dry completely before firing inside the kiln.

This will help to prevent objects from moving around and staying in place during the firing process.

For circumstances where you might want to spray on an adhesive, this water based agent can be mixed 50/50 with water.

Add more water if your want a thinner product.

Place the liquid into a sprayer and lightly spray the glass.

Mix the material with glass powder or mica to paint on glass. Add a little water if needed to thin out the glue.

Use a paintbrush or squeeze bottle for application purposes.

The most popular usage for this material is enameling arts.

Adding this glue to enamels makes a paste that is simple to manage while working with the material.

It can be used for wet packing enamels in place before firing the piece inside a kiln.

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