Kiln Furniture

Kiln furniture is the refractory items designed to support items inside a kiln.

This term usually refers to the kiln shelves and kiln posts.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from alumina, silicon carbide, sillimanite, and zirconium silicate.

The kiln shelf should fit inside the kiln with just a little room around the edges for circulation.

Shelves come in round, square and other various shapes to fit the shape and size of your unit.

Kiln posts also come in an assortment of sizes.

These shelf supports are very sturdy, durable, and will withstand the high temperatures inside a kiln.

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Kiln wash or shelf primer needs to be liberally applied to these materials to keep glass from sticking during the fusing process.

Several coatings of wash should be added in different directions and allowed to dry before heating up the kiln.

The posts are placed under the shelf to support it and to provide an air space for the heat to circulate.

Uneven heating and/or cooling can occur without the shelf being at least an inch or two above the kiln floor.

Posts are also used to support molds.

Molds placed directly on a kiln shelf can cause problems.

The shelf will add insulation to the bottom of the mold which is one of the reasons to place the mold on posts.

Another reason to place the mold on posts is allow air to escape from the hole in the bottom of the mold.

Supporting a mold with posts will allow hot air to move under and around the mold to evenly heat the areas.

Kiln posts can also be used to keep glass from flowing, as in designing a pattern bar.

The stacks of glass are usually supported by fiber paper, fiber board, and kiln furniture.

Posts can also be covered with fiber paper for slumping glass over to make items such as card holder, or other unique designs.

Care and store these materials to ensure a long working life.

Designate an area where they will be secure from breaking.

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