Kaiser's 'FUSE IT STUDIO' in Cape Coral, Florida

Fuse It Studio - Outside Sculpture

Fuse It Studio - Outside Sculpture

The FUSE IT STUDIO is located in Cape Coral, FL and open to everyone interested in glass fusing .

Petra Kaiser is the co-owner of Kaiser-Lee, LLC - "Fuse-It-Studio" and the author of "Introduction to Glass Fusing" and "Fuse It" - two in depth instruction books on the art of glass fusing and kiln forming. Her classes are project oriented. Even if you don't have a lot of experience with the art of glass fusing you will be able to make an impressive piece of "Art in Glass".

To see a current class schedule go to their web site www.kaiserlee.com and click on Workshops. There you will find an overview and in her shopping cart you will find the class list and easy sign up options. If you can't find the right workshop in our program, we also offer private one-on-one instructions.

Petra's specialty is kiln forming glass with Kaiser Lee Board. She is not just teaching the technical part about the board - she is discovering new shapes and possibilities constantly and loves to share those ideas with her customers.

Petra and Wolfgang are providing a state of the art glass fusing studio with many different kilns and some cold working equipment. The 'Fuse It Studio' is offering a nice atmosphere to get your creativity flowing freely. They will welcome you with coffee, will be serving you a family style lunch, and be ending the class with a 'happy hour' get together.

Kaiser's 'Fuse It Studio' also has a full line of glass fusing supplies available for purchase while you are there. Their online shopping cart specializes on hard to find products you might want to use for some creative projects.

Just call in advance to make sure they are not teaching some where else in the world.

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