Kaiser Lee Board

The Kaiser Lee Board (KLB) is nothing like any other fiber board product that is currently on the market, making this product ideal for all your glass crafts. The board can be fired up to 1000 degrees Celsius/1832 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be used over and over again. It does not break up or disintegrate.

They come in a variety of sizes. The boards can be purchased on line, from your local glass store, or directly from Kaiser Lee Fuse It Shop . Check out the site for all of their glass fusing products. Simply click on the "Fuse It Products for Creative Products" link.

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Most fiber boards require some preparation steps before usage. Usually there is a burnout firing required to release any organic binders. Once this firing has been accomplished the fiber boards are extremely soft and flimsy. They would not make a good mold in this condition; therefore a rigidizer needs to be applied to harden it before it can be used as a mold.

The Kaiser Lee Board comes ready to use right out of the box. There is no preparation, unless you want to cut it into other shapes and sizes. The porous material is very simple to cut and carve into any desired shape and size. There are no special tools needed to cut or mold the material. Use a spatula or knife to cut it into any desired shape. A sanding block or even a finger can be used to smooth the surface.

Wear a respiratory mask when cutting the board. The dust can be very irritating and you don’t want to be breathing that material into your lungs. Also gloves might be necessary as the dust caused by cutting the board can be itchy.

It does not interfere with the cooling process since it doesn’t absorb heat like other mold material. It is a fantastic insulation material. This lack of heat absorption ensures an even heat distribution and less stress on the glass.

Do not fire any fiber products directly on a clay shelf. Cover the shelf with a piece of thick fiber paper. You can however use it as a kiln shelf that can be placed directly on the floor of the kiln. Because of the porous material, there is no worry about air bubbles between the kiln shelf and the glass.

Basic Kaiser Lee Board Instructions:

  • Make sure you have a level flat surface to avoid breaking the board when cutting.
  • Cover the work area with some newspaper. Newspaper will help make clean up a lot easier, as it can be folded up and then just discarded.
  • Draw your design or pattern directly on the fiberboard using either a pencil or permanent marker. You can trace preformed patterns or just free-hand the design.
  • Cover your nose and mouth area with a dust mask before beginning the cutting process.
  • Use a cutting tool such as a spatula or knife to score along the pre-drawn lines. Make the first pass and then go back and cut a little deeper. This may take several deeper cuts to go completely through the material, depending on the depth of the board.
  • Round out the edges using a fine grade sand paper. This will help to add stability to the piece and to smooth the surface of the mold.
  • Cover the newly cut mold with thin fire paper and place it on a KLB shelf.
  • Position some ready to fire glass on top of this covered mold and fuse.

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