Jug Light Tent

The simplest and cheapest form of light tent for small objects is the jug light tent. This method only requires a clean empty distilled water jug, milk jug, or orange juice jug.


  • Camera

  • Distilled Water, Milk or orange juice jug

  • Lights or natural outdoor lighting

  • Props

    Which ever jug you decide to use will depend on how much diffused light your want on your object. The distilled water jug allows the most light to come through.

    jug light tent Cut off the bottom of the jog to your desired height. Cut off the top or neck of the jug.

    Make sure the opening is large enough for your camera lens to fit inside. Place your glass on whatever background you decide to use, and place the jug over your object.

    Evenly light the jug from the outside. Use a couple of lights or natural daylight to evenly illuminate your jug.

    dichroic art glass jewelry

    Use your camera in macro mode with this method. Most cameras won’t focus on objects that are this close in range. This will vary with different models, so check the manual for your camera.

    The pictures are shot through the neck of the jug. Place your digital camera lens in the hole where the neck of the jug once was and take your picture.

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