" There's lots of fun making your own jewelry."

Jewelry making is simple, fast, and you can make several pieces in one firing. Small pieces can fill up a kiln shelf inside a small kiln.

Don't waste your time and energy just fusing a single piece in your firings. Fill up that space and make as many pieces as possible while firing the kiln.

There is a multitude of art glass, such as textured glass , dichroic , iridescent glass, and an array of colors to pick from. Dichroic glass is my favorite type of glass.

The look is spectacular, and the pieces seem to just shout for attention. With a kiln and some glass you can make some very spectacular pieces. Want a real attention grabber, try mixing some dichroic and silver.

The first thing you will need to do is pick your glass and make your cuts. Decide if you are going to make a cabochon or pendant, earrings, or bracelet.

You could even try using some adorable jewelry fusing molds to make your pieces. These are tiny molds that you can use with frit or small pieces of glass. These fusing molds are sometimes sold separately, or in what is called a cube tray. A cube tray usually has two or more mold forms in the same mold. Please check out the glass slumping supplies for a list of items needed for this procedure.

You can use stringers, noodles, frit, glass powder , and paints to add texture and depth to your piece. You can also fire a cubic zirconia into your glass piece.

If you are making cabochons or pendants, you will need a way to attach a chain. This can be done by attaching or using a bail on the piece. Sometimes this might involve drilling a hole in the glass after fusing and attaching a bail, but there are other ways to achieve a hole in a fused glass piece. To find out how, read this page on "Holes in Pendants" .

If you are going to attach a bail, drill a hole, or wire wrap the piece after firing, you can go ahead and fire your pieces. If on the other hand, you want to put a hole in your piece, check out the page on hole in pendants .

If you have decided to put a bail on your piece, wait for it to completely cool after fusing. Fused glass findings can be purchased on line or through a glass store. These are usually silver or gold plated bails. You can also purchase sterling silver bails for this purpose. These can be attached using a two part epoxy, or E6000 glue.

You can also decide to wire-wrap your fused piece. Wire wrapping can add dimension and texture to a piece. There are many sites on the internet with instructions for wire wrapping pieces. You can actually put a groove in the edge of your glass using a special grinder bit.

You could make pieces using some silver, such as PMC, or just add some silver to your piece.

If you are making pendants, you might want to make a special necklace to go with your piece, or just combine some fancy beads with your chain. Make your own glass beads to go with your pendant.

This doesn’t even begin to deplete the ideas for ways you can display your fused glass. There are so many techniques and styles. Hopefully this page has given you some ideas on where you can begin.

Create Your Own Jewelry

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