Jewelry Fusing Molds

" The ideal tiny jewelry molds."

Jewelry fusing molds can be used to make fabulous tiny fused glass jewelry. Molds can be a fun and easy way to make jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These forms are so tiny in size and come in a variety of shapes. I know when I first wanted to make some tiny jewelry pieces, I found these molds on the internet and have used them over and over. Cookin with Glass has these tiny molds. She is always coming up with new designs and fun shapes. Some of the shapes this site carries are a donut, a heart, a tear drop, and a triangle shape. Oh, and she has adorable packaging also!

These jewelry fusing molds are great for making perfectly shaped items. The easiest way to use these forms is to kiln wash them and then fill with frit. Once they have fired, you will need to fill them again and fire. Please note that this will take several firings. As the glass frit heats inside the kiln, it will shrink and shape to the form.

jewelry fusing molds

Apply mold primer according to the directions, and allow to dry. If you purchase molds from Cooking with Glass , they will send you a sample primer package along with your tiny mold. She recommends a brand called "Hotline Brand PRIMO PRIMER" for these casting molds. She also includes directions for mixing and using the primer.

Fill the mold with frit or glass powder and fire it once. When you look at the piece after firing, you will notice that it has shrunk in size.

After it has cooled, you will need to fill it again. The new glass will melt into the old glass. Depending on the size of the mold, this will take several fillings and firings.

The only problem with using a mold in making a fused glass donut or any other shape, is that you end up with kiln wash on the front side of your piece. The inside of the mold is the outside of your pendant. You will need to clean this wash off, with fine steel wool or a scraping tool. If there are some spots that are hard to remove, try using bathroom cleaning products that are used to remove hard water deposits.

These pieces can be placed back inside the kiln to do a fire polishing. This will transform the outside of the shape from a dull finish to a shiny polished look.

Using these forms is extremely simple and rewarding. Jewelry fusing molds can be a fun way to experiment with molds and make some simple fun jewelry.

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